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Our formidable team

At the heart of Sania is our team. A highly motivated group of pioneers and experts in medicine, neuroscience, molecular biology and drug development working together to build new therapeutics.


Alba Guijarro Belmar PhD

Head of Vector Development


Andy Murray PhD

CEO & Co-Founder


Brandon Roberts 

Junior Scientist


Calvin Smith PhD

Head of Chemogenetic Neuromodulation


Devan Parmar

Junior Scientist


Hanna Luniak

Staff Scientist I

_DSF7092_1 1.jpg

Miranda Mathews PhD

Head of Operations


Raj Dattani MD



Riccardo Privolizzi PhD

Staff Scientist II


Rob Brownstone MD, PhD, FMedSci



Yiota Demosthenous

Staff Scientist II


Dr. Barry Ticho, Chief Medical Officer, Stoke Therapeutics, a clinical-stage company focused on RNA-based medicines and Co-Founder & former Board Member of Verve Therapeutics. Dr. Ticho formerly held roles across industry, which include: Head of Development (CV/Metabolic) at Moderna, Head of External R&D Innovation (CVRM) at Pfizer and VP (Clinical Development) at Biogen. 

Dr. Jane Hughes, Formerly Chief Scientific Officer, Gyroscope Therapeutics, a leading gene therapy company acquired by Novartis in 2021. Dr. Hughes formerly held roles across industry at companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and MedImmune.


Professor Ole Kiehn, Karolinska Institute & University of Copenhagen. World leader in motor neurophysiology and circuits and recipient of The Brain Prize (2022). 

Professor Tom Otis, Chief Scientific Officer, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits, UCL. Formerly Vice Director & Section Head, Synapses and Circuits, Hoffman La Roche.  

Dr. Kimberly Ritola, Director – BRAIN Initiative Viral Vector Core, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dr Ritola is a world-leading expert in neural viral vector development. 

Professor Martyn Goulding, Salk Institute for Biological Studies. World leader in molecular genetic targeting of neural circuits and recipient of the Brain Prize (2022). 

Dr. Anna Dreismann, Senior Director of Biology, AGCT. Formerly Group Lead, Gyroscope Therapeutics, where Dr. Driesmann was employee number one since its founding and integral to R&D until its acquistion by Novartis. 

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