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Complex problems, bold solutions

Sania pioneers a novel approach called precision genetic neuromodulation.  


This combines the targeted and selective delivery of proteins to dysfunctional neural circuits, with the ability to control neuronal excitation with chemogenetics. We focus on diseases where our approach will have maximum impact. Our ultimate goal is to provide long term therapeutic benefit for patients that have the highest unmet needs. 


By taking a “human-centric” approach to therapeutic development we aim to ensure that we can make the translational leap from research and development in the lab to humans in the clinic.


At the root of many neurological dysfunctions lies faulty electrical activity in specific groups of neurons, the fundamental components of the nervous system. Normalising this activity without effecting healthy neurons has incredible potential to help treat neural dysfunction. However, this requires the ability to accurately deliver genetic material specifically to just those dysfunctional neurons.


Sania harnesses the power and safety of adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) and combines this with our own unique suite of human-centric technology platforms designed to drive high levels of translation from research in the lab to patients in the clinic.

By utilising a proprietary system of human stem cells, neural circuits and organoids to engineer novel AAV capsids and promotors, we selectively and precisely target our therapeutics to specific cell types.


Sania leverages chemogenetics, a powerful tool that allows the online adjustment of neuron excitability.


Our chemogenetic approach works by delivering a well characterised ion channel to dysfunctional neurons. This ion channel can be selectively controlled by an activator, taken orally by the patient. Changing the dose of the drug allows for the titratable control of excitability for maximum therapeutic benefit.


Sania aims to maximise the impact of its technology by assessing where it can have the most clinical benefit in the largest number of patients.


Our pipeline is exemplified by our lead program targeting hyperexcitable neurons in motor disorders such as spasticity. 

Sania's ability to target specific neural subtypes is also our defining edge. We can harness this ability as an 'engine' that powers development of precision neuromodulation therapies for diseases beyond the current scope of genetic medicines where neural innervation plays a regulative role. Our initial focus is on dysfunction that can be treated by local access to components of the peripheral nervous system, such as in spasticity and other undisclosed indications with high unmet need.

March 2022

Closed seed financing

August 2022

Custom lab move in

May 2023

Official Company launch





In vitro discovery

In vivo proof of concept




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