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Precision therapies, transformative potential 

Sania Therapeutics ("Sania") was conceived with a clear vision in mind: to bring to the clinic new treatments for neurological disorders in areas with great unmet needs. 

To transform this vision into reality, Sania's Co-Founders combined two prominent fields of nervous system research - systems neuroscience, the study of how our nervous systems gives rise to our behavior, and neurology, the branch of medicine that deals with nervous system disease. More specifically, they brought innovative technological approaches in systems neuroscience such as targeting individual neurons with viral engineering and altering their electrical activity with chemogenetics into the clinical spotlight. By adapting these technologies to drug development they had the extraordinary opportunity to change how dysfunction in the nervous system is treated and improve the lives of thousands of patients.

Sania Therapeutics was founded in March 2022 and has since been operating towards one goal: to build the safest and most effective genetic medicines that can be used to improve the quality of life for as many patients as possible. To do so, Sania applies two unique strategies to research and development. First, a “human-centric” approach where all initial stages are carried out in human cells, and second, local delivery of our therapies. This design not only maximises translation from the laboratory to the clinic, but also maximises the scope of diseases that Sania can develop therapeutics for. In this way, Sania ensures the highest levels of safety while tackling diseases with the highest unmet need. 


Since its inception Sania has been fortunate to build a highly motivated and expert team in the areas of neuroscience, virology, medicine and drug development. Our team is excited by the challenge of bringing our novel therapeutics to the world.

Sania headquarters are located in Advanced Research Clusters West London, London, United Kingdom in a laboratory designed by us and purpose-built for our science.


To deliver therapeutics that transform the lives of people with diseases of dysfunctional neural circuits.



Our patients are our North Star. We are primarily motivated and guided by their experiences so we can create transformative therapies that meets their unmet needs.

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Seeking excellence

We work with agility and urgency towards our goals, committed to scientific excellence. Our strategy is translational and holistic, and our science is robust and reproducible.

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Trusted team

We shape progress together and we solve together, working openly and transparently. We are enriched by our diversity and harness our differences, integrating our varied expertise to strengthen our science and our company.

Naturally curious

We are pioneers charting a new course in precision therapies. We are relentlessly inquisitive and courageously innovative in our science and in the way we grow our company.


High performing

We are competitive, ambitiously racing to meet the unmet needs of patients while remaining resilient to challenges of delivering novel therapies.

Revel in work

Our open and transparent ethos cultivates a culture of respect and care. Our dedication is balanced with wellness. Work is fun, and we have fun working together.

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