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Precision therapies, transformative potential 

We build precision gene therapies for prevalent disorders. 

Our vision is to transform medicine by charting a new course with nervous system therapies.  

Neural circuits in our central and peripheral nervous system play a critical role in many disease states. We harness these circuits as an access point to treat the root cause of diseases. Selectively and safely targeting these groups of neurons will enable us to unlock gene therapies for new underserved disease areas and treat millions of patients.


Our approach is combines targeted delivery of a low dose vector with a controllable therapeutic to maximise the safety and efficacy profile of our therapies.


Since our inception, we have been fortunate to build a highly motivated and expert team in the areas of neuroscience, virology, medicine and drug development. Our team is excited by the challenge of bringing our novel therapies to the world.

We are located in Advanced Research Clusters West London, London, United Kingdom in a laboratory designed by us and purpose-built for our science.


Transform medicine by charting a new course in nervous system therapies for prevalent, underserved disease areas.



Our patients are our North Star. We are primarily motivated to create transformative medicines in underserved and prevalent disease areas. 

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Seeking excellence

 Our therapies are translational and holistic, and our science is robust and reproducible, meeting the unmet needs of patients.

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Trusted team

We shape progress together and we solve together. We are enriched by our diversity and our differences. 

Naturally curious

We are relentlessly inquisitive and courageously innovative in our science and in the way we grow our company.


High performing

We work with agility and urgency while remaining resilient to challenges of delivering novel therapies.

Revel in work

Our transparent ethos cultivates a culture of respect and care. Work is fun, and we have fun working together.

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