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Work with us

Want to work on something exciting, meaningful and transformative?


Sania's intersectional strategy has remarkable potential to save lives and transform livelihoods. Join our team and get front row seats to our science and our journey.


Write to us at if you are curious, collaborative and committed, have a passion for developing next generation therapies for precision neurmodulation, or if you simply want to say hi.

We are currently hiring for a talented molecular biologist.


​Sania's philosophy puts you first. We're focused on creating a culture that is inclusive, safe, and inspiring, where our people can be their passionate, proactive, and creative selves. Our team bring out the extraordinary in one another, and nourish growth and development. We work collaboratively, with respect and care.

Sania is a place to thrive. We're committed to creating a workplace where our people can be themselves, and feel and perform at their best. As part of this, we have outstanding policies and arrangements that empower our people to prioritise their wellbeing and take ownership over their work.


Get in touch to learn more about our benefits. 

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